Female Personal Trainer Elinn S Ahmad, Along With Her Gym E’s FITNESS and win Two Awards Overnight in the 2018 Fitness Best Asia Awards – Click to find out more!

Female Personal Trainer Elinn S Ahmad, Along With Her Gym E’s FITNESS and win Two Awards Overnight in the 2018 Fitness Best Asia Awards – Click to find out more!

Singaporean Female Personal Trainer Elinn S Ahmad, Along With Her Gym E’s FITNESS, Emerge As Champions Of Two Awards Overnight, Beating 200 Nominees From 10 Other Countries In The 2018 Fitness Best Asia Awards.

Jakarta, Indonesia – 1st May 2018; Out of more than 200 nominees across 10 countries, Elinn S Ahmad beat renowned trainers such as Inez Indriyani from Indonesia, Jacqie Tan from Malaysia and other nominees across the world to be named winner of the Best Personal Trainer of the Year – Fitness Best Elites Award, while her 4-storey gym E’S FITNESS in the heart of Outram, 51 Cantonment Road, emerged as champion of the major Specialized Gym/Studio of the Year – Fitness Best Maverick Award, beating big names in the industry such as CrossFit Asphodel Hong Kong, Fitness Embassy Indonesia, UFit Singapore, and BodyFight Indonesia.

As founder and director of E’s FITNESS who has nurtured numerous personal trainers under her wing, Elinn is one of Singapore’s most sought-after professional personal trainers. With clients ranging from public figures in the entertainment industry such as model Kaytian Rigby, winner of SuperModel Me 4 and Mediacorp actress Adele Wong to professional athletes and leaders in the corporate industry, the FBAA awards’ double win is a testament to her skills and years of expertise in fitness.

Having been in the fitness industry since 2003, she knows how to bring out the best in everyone who trains with her through effective and creative workouts designed to make them perform optimally. Taking a holistic view of health and fitness by not limiting her clients to just physical fitness, she also emphasizes on their psychological and emotional well-being. By spurring on and strengthening the resolve of her clients, she does not allow age to cripple anyone, and has since implemented a revolutionary program targeted at eliminating the common encounter of pain in the later years of one’s lifetime. Mentioning the E’s FITNESS program at the FBAA Awards in Jakarta, Elinn said in a media interview, “I believe everyone should be aware that their body is like a sacred vessel for their soul. This vessel ought to always be maintained or even upgraded. Else, there will be cracks, wear and tear, or even break down. You cannot take it for granted! It can happen to the young, it can happen to the old. I broke my knees when I was 16 years of age. At old age, most can’t even travel the world to spend their blood, sweat and hard-earned money due to having pain at the joints, not having enough strength and energy. Most have problems walking up the stairs and even getting up from the chair. Or even having trouble walking from the dining room to the kitchen. These are serious problems and they are common. It is especially for women who are three times more prone to osteoporosis due to loss of bone mass. When one does not have enough muscle mass, it is hard to maintain bone mass. When one does not have enough muscle mass, the muscles could not support the joints well. Hence, pain occurs. This is my purpose in life and this award is not just for me but for everyone out there to be enlightened and make a change.”

With accomplished levels of knowledge and a resolute belief in fitness, Elinn has guided all her clients in achieving their desired goals in fitness, attested by her clients’ testimonials over the years. “I had pain in my neck, due to nerves that were trapped between certain vertebrae for more than five years. I was looking for a solution to be more mobile and active, regardless of the pain which I had considered as part of my everyday life. Despite trying pilates and other solutions to eliminate the pain such as consulting chiropractors and physiotherapists, none of them eliminated the pain completely until I trained with E’s FITNESS”, says Tanya Sobczak, a client of E’s FITNESS who has been training under Elinn.

Fitness Best Asia Awards is the first prestigious awards ceremony that honors and rewards the excellence and dedication of Asia’s best within the fitness and wellness industry. It’s a salute to the educators and motivators, sanctuaries and gyms. The first edition of FBAA 2017 was held in Zouk, Singapore, receiving an overwhelming response, with a staggering 1,125,098 followers on social media and 15,000 online votes from all over Asia, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. FBAA 2018 meanwhile, held in Jakarta, recognized the best in the fitness and wellness industry in 4 major categories and 20 awards, with 200 nominees across more than 10 different countries. The winners from the Individual and Facilities categories were decided through user votes (40%) and an esteemed panel of 10 judges (60%). This year’s panel of international judges represented the various arms of the fitness and wellness industry, such as CEO of FISAF Singapore Diane Haslam, CEO of FitCorp Global Daniel Remon, two time Silver medalist and one-time bronze-medalist World Yoga Champion Chaukei Ngai, Indonesia’s competitive bodybuilding pioneer Ade Rai, Winner of 2016 OPA Allmax Winston Roberts Open Championship Claire Yong Ju Jeong, CEO of Goifex Dina Carol, Founder of Phillipines Pilates Studio, Integrated Body Arts Cecilia Sicangco Ibarrola, Director of Rai Institute Halim Tsiang, award- winning health and fitness personality Kevin Zahri from Malaysia and first ever ONE World Champion in two divisions, Featherweight and Lightweight, Martin Nguyen.

Says CEO of FISAF Singapore, Master Instructor of over 5,000 personal trainers across over 15 disciplines, Diane Haslam, who has observed Elinn’s progress for 15 years, “Elinn’s truly compassionate, believes in what she’s doing and follows her heart. Besides the fact that she’s a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, she’s a former national athlete who’s experienced major injuries in the past. Thus, she is determined and will be able to relate to people who come to her with certain injuries, helping them with hiccups along the way of training”

At the helm of the awards is Managing Director Laila White, a personal and aerobics trainer with 19 years of industry experience under her belt. “The Fitness Best Asia Awards is created to give recognition to fitness practitioners who are passionate and are making a difference in other people’s lives through healthy living incorporating fitness,” said managing director Laila White in a media release. “We also want to shine the spotlight on fitness brands and facilities that are aiding those professionals. We have a unique combination of familiar names as well as up-and-coming names in the fitness business that made our shortlist in various categories,” she added.

2018’s Fitness Best Maverick Award – Specialized Gym Studio Of The Year that was awarded to E’s FITNESS was decided on the following criteria as shown on this official FBAA link – An expert family of staff and customer service. Tight quality control and an efficient, well-equipped and motivating setting for your specialized workout. Staff expertise, Customer Service, Quality Control, Layout / flow of the gym/studio structure, Locker rooms / Shower rooms and Cleanliness were other factors that were decided on.

2018’s Fitness Best Elites – Personal Trainer Of The Year that was awarded to Elinn S Ahmad was decided on the following criteria as shown on this official FBAA link was based on the deciding factors of Credible Personal Training Certifications, Intensive knowledge in Anatomy and Kinesiology, Interaction with members, Delivery of instructions, Leadership quality, Motivational/ Inspirational, Creativity & ability to modify the workout to cater based on clients’ capabilities, Ability to read body language and correct posture along with Safety. Additional information about the Fitness Best Asia Awards 2018 in Jakarta, its details and nominees can be found on the FBAA official web site at www.fitnessbest.com.

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