​Envision A Future Of Lifelong Health At E’s, Asia’s
Award Winning Specialised Gym 2018

3-Stage Training Program

Because I train, I see my future without pain.



Stage 1 is designed to help you envision and nip the problem at the bud – to eventually eliminate medication and attain a healthy lifestyle focused on habits.



Stage 2 will empower you towards becoming stronger, more agile with the strength to achieve goals you were aiming towards.



Stage 3 will energise you further to maintain the goals you have achieved – you will feel stronger.

In our 3-Stage Training program – we guide you through the essential journey of basics and getting to know your body and its limits through conditioning, strengthening the weak muscles and posture correction. Stage 1 is where we eliminate pain. Next, we proceed with Stage 2, where we train you with the right exercises to improve your coordination and agility. Clients who have gone through this with us have increasingly burnt body fats and improved stamina, steadily. Stage 3 is where we teach and guide you to maintain what you have now achieved – through a detailed plan and weekly guidance as more than just your personal trainers, but a group of friends to see you through a lifetime of health.

While exercise is only a part of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle play an essential role too. Without the proper form or guidance, one will not achieve the goals desired. Having Personal Trainer that is trained and certified, like E’s Experts, to guide you, will ensure that you are exercising safely and efficiently. While exercise in itself is only a part of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle play an essential role too. However, if you don’t get the proper form or guidance right, then you will never achieve your goals.


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