Let’s be honest, most of the time when exercising with an E’s Expert, you will be telling them about your week, how work is going, and what’s wrong with your life at the time. At E’s, we are a family. Say goodbye to commercial gyms where “personable and cosy” is a term hardly used.


An E’s Expert is there to help with your fitness goals, yes, but they’re also there to help improve your overall wellbeing. They care about how stressed you are, because that will impact how motivated you are in your sessions. They care if you’re unhappy in a relationship, as this could result in eating unhealthily.


There are a myriad of ways in which having an E’s Expert can be like having an unofficial therapist. It has long been known that physical exercise can help with mental health issues such as depression, and that it is a recommended part of treatment by many medical health professionals. Having an E’s Expert to help with your exercise plan when you suffer from mental health problems can help with motivation, with choosing the right exercises to release the most endorphins, and also just to have another shoulder to lean on.


What about if you’ve lost all that weight and pain, and so, see no need in 1 to 1 guidance? There are two types of people who go to the gym:

1.  Those who wander in, spend 10 minutes on one machine and then drift slowly over to another, before half-heartedly trying bicep curls for five reps and then walking out

2. Those who have a plan in mind, and hit the machines with a purpose. They generally have a set amount of reps they do in sets of two or three, and they’ll know exactly what they’re doing on each machine.

It’s fairly obvious that the first group will not be achieving their fitness goals unless they get some help and have someone to direct them, so if you belong to the first group, then you should be enlisting the help of an E’s Expert in maintaining that body and health.


In Stage 3, we customise solutions for every body and shape – for every one who needs that weekly guidance towards maintaining that goal so you never lose sight of the biggest end goal – valuable health for life.