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Behind The Crest ​​​​

The E’s FITNESS’ crest is an emblem of strength. The anonymous figure symbolises that it could be anyone who envisions being the best. The flexing of the bicep and the waving of the cape signifies the empowering of any particular person to go beyond what they believed difficult or impossible, no matter their condition, to show their mettle, and overcome those barriers. Encompassing this anonymous figure, is an emblem of a shield, manifesting one’s resilience in the immense effort put in. Lining this shield with the colour red, represents energy, desire and determination.



E’s FITNESS was founded upon the very foundation of pain – we work a passionate 9 to 5 or dead-end jobs; or even as entrepreneurs, build a business tirelessly to support comfortable lifestyles with material means, only to come home with common injuries of joint pain. Or worse, inflict ourselves with diseases that impair our abilities for a lifetime. Amidst the hustle and bustle, we forget the most important value of life expectancy – health. A healthy mind, body and soul in itself is the engine it takes for us to move forward, to truly progress and live prosperously. Why invest time in making money to enjoy life when you are not insuring your life itself, with valuable health?


Globally, researchers have examined how life expectancy changed with the combination of both exercise and obesity. Obesity was associated with a shorter life expectancy, but physical activity helped to mitigate some of the harm. People who were obese and inactive had a life expectancy that was between five to seven years shorter (depending on their level of obesity) than people who were of normal weight and moderately active.

Behind The




E’s FITNESS advocates that exercise will do a world of good to boosting your energy on a whole. Contrary to popular belief, working out boosts energy when done properly. It enhances cardiovascular efficiency and increases neurotransmitter levels, both of which have been shown to improve energy. Thus, the body rises to the challenge by generating more mitochondria. We aim to energise you for longevity and extended life expectancy.



E’s FITNESS foresees leading the reinvention of quality health for a lifetime. We aim to provide the convenience of simplifying health to 3 stages in personal training while providing a personal touch in small group classes towards building a community that helps create lifelong relationships. Envision not just a body focused on aesthetics, but a healthier state of mind – leading to increased fitness, improved sleep patterns, proven changed levels of chemicals in your brain, such as serotonin, endorphins and stress hormones. At E’s, we want you to envision a transformed lifetime of health.



At E’s FITNESS, we abide by the fact that every body is different. Empowering everyone with different fitness options no matter the age or the state of body is a mission we work towards. Every body is meant to move, but many of us find ourselves with joint issues that don’t allow high-impact exercise without the risk of serious injury. Therefore, our personal training, niche group classes and nutritional advice serves active adults who would like a low-impact option for their fitness. We focus on building functional movement, strength, balance, and flexibility. We provide the support and accountability to keep you active and moving at any age.


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