7 tips to choose the perfect gym in the city of Singapore.

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7 tips to choose the perfect gym in the city of Singapore.

Mustering courage to curb your gluttonous eating habits?

Determined to get off the couch and finally hit the gym?

That’s a significant sign towards making a positive change in your lifestyle.

Fitness = Exercise + Nutrition + Lifestyle

Moreover, Investment in yourself is the best form of investment you can make! Pondering over the idea to join a gym and choosing one in Singapore, is a daunting task. We agree.  

When you dedicate money, time and energy; it is essential to ensure the commitments don’t go in vain. Furthermore, online gym ratings and recommendations can only be of help to a certain extent.

Let us help you simplify the process through this blog.

Stated below are some quintessential guidelines in assessing the suitability of a gym in the city area of Singapore.

1. WHY?

Do you desire a toned physique?

Or, need to work muscles to eliminate pain?

Is the belly fat making you uncomfortable?

When you question yourself why, the journey while achieving a healthy body shall be worthy. Also, it shall allow you to make better choices as to what to seek in a gym.

For instance, if your laziness demands a detailed training structure and a kick on the bottom to ensure you do your exercises, then you might consider choosing a gym that has expert personal trainers.

Alternatively, if you are interested in specific programs like Yoga, Zumba, or HIIT workouts, make sure your choice of gym meets your requirements.

2. Location.

The location of a gym is particularly vital. The access and atmosphere should complement your way of life.

Your idea of exercise might be a quick lunchtime cardio session or light weights after work? A place that is a stone’s throw away from your office would be bliss, wouldn’t it?

The more convenient you make it for yourself, the lesser the chances of missing workouts. Consequently, regular and productive visits to the gym shall become a part of your routine.

3. Types of equipment and amenities.

Usually, gyms offer a trial session. Go. Try out the place, meet the trainers, see the equipment. Ensure the place is functional in regards to space, hygiene, and maintenance.

Get an assessment and understand how your workout needs to be and what is required. Look out for shower and locker rooms; particularly, if you are going from /to work. Don’t pay a bomb and settle for less.

4. Ambiance and Cleanliness.

When trying out a gym, conduct a detailed audit. Do the aesthetics of the gym suit your taste? Are the lights glaring or the music blaring?

Sanitation is a significant factor. A gym should be consistently cleaned and maintained. If it seems too stuffy and smells stale, well, you may not have a positive experience there. Review the gym before signing up!

5. Personal Trainers

Professional and experienced personal trainers are crucial to a gym.

Every body is different; therefore the exercising requirement differs. Expert and trained coaches are key to obtain optimum results through a dedicated gym routine.

Even if you don’t opt for a personal trainer during your membership at the gym, good coaches ensure workout safety and encourage gym goers to push their limits.

Trainers are usually friendly and approachable, they know if one is genuinely dedicated, who knows, they may readily give you a tip or two!

To find out why you need a personal trainer, click here.

6. Cost.

Cost is a significant factor.

Usually, gym memberships are contract based: 12 – 24 months. Cancellation and refunds can be a pain. Choose a gym that is worth your hard earned money!

Memberships differ from gym to gym.

7. Operating hours.

Who are you? A Nocturnal or Diurnal being?

Your gym choice should balance your lifestyle and routine. Before signing up make sure the gym is operating during the hours you are likely to visit. There are numerous gyms in Singapore which run 24/7.

3 unique gyms in Singapore’s CBD.

Now you have a definitive guide to help you pick a gym. We have listed 5 elite gyms situated around Tanjong Pagar, positively worth a try!  

1. Crucyle

Address: 68 Duxton Road, Singapore 089527

This is a unique indoor cycling studio, which provides a full body workout in 50 mins. Crucyle believes that along with staying fit, it is important to foster a sense of togetherness and motivate each other to make decisions that promote a healthy lifestyle.
Find out more: http://crucycle.com/


Address: 51 Cantonment Rd, Singapore 089752

E’s FITNESS is well known for Personal Training, an important service that not many offer. It is lead by a female trainer, an expert in pain elimination, functional movement, and flexibility through customized workouts. They follow a 3 stage mantra. It starts with eliminating pain, gaining strength and losing body fats, and maintaining it for a lifetime.

Find out more: http://elinnsfitness.com/

3. Webarre

Webarre is Singapore’s first dedicated barre studio. It incorporates ballet techniques, yoga, pilates and strength training in an incredibly intense 60-minute workout session.

Find out more: https://www.webarre.com/


We bet this has motivated you enough.

Almost off the couch?

Several gyms offer free consultancy for the first time. Like here at E’s!

Ultimately, it all boils down to what your goal is and what your personal preferences are!

All you need is commitment.

Train to Gain!


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