5 ways gym wear affects your fitness routine.


5 ways gym wear affects your fitness routine.

A wave of health consciousness has driven numerous people to engage in regular exercise. In a parallel universe, you may run a marathon in a suit. But would you?

Sportswear has an exciting history dating back to the 1930s. We have since come a long way. From satin shorts, leotards and Spanx to dry-fit, mesh and compression pants.

Yes. Your choice of gym wear strongly influences how you workout at the gym. It can be anything: leggings, hoodies, sports bra, singlets, shorts, fleece and flannel pants. Depending on the type of your workout clothes should neither be too tight nor oversized.

5 ways gym wear enhances your fitness routine!

1. Comfort

Improper gym clothing, incorrect size, uneasy fabric, and uncomfortable shoes will do more harm than good. Comfort and freedom of movement during workouts are crucial.

For example, if you are exercising outdoors on a hot day, loose and breathable fabrics will keep your body cool.

When you invest in good gym wear, exercising becomes a breeze. Allowing you to focus and work out like a beast!

2. Confidence.

Self-confidence is key in achieving any goal. And it is no different for your fitness goals!

“How do I gather the confidence to push myself while working out?”

Well, Great self-confidence = A great workout!

You will be amazed that the type of attire you wear causes positive mental stimulations that increase the confidence level. When you look good, you feel good.

Appropriate activewear gives you a perceived psychological edge. Building confidence in your abilities, motivation, and focus. It can subconsciously change the way you workout. Hence, it is worth investing in!


Wearing trendy activewear can boost your confidence and push you to exercise more. Beware of your limitations. Don’t flaunt that branded hoodie while picking up weights. You need to stay alive for another day!

3. Performance.

Did you know, Speedo’s whole-body polyurethane swimsuits were banned in 2009 by the International Swimming Federation because it was too perfect?

The swimwear used ultrasonic welding that managed to reduce the drag experienced while swimming. However, it disrupted the level playing field among the athletes. Thus, it was labeled “technology doping” and banned ever since.

Quality and adequately fitted activewear can cope with the intensity of your training or sport.

There is a reason why footballers wear studded boots, while runners wear running shoes. Activity appropriate sportswear indeed enhances performance.

Let’s compare the clothing types:

Cotton T-shirt Dri-fit T-shirt
Absorbs your sweat and keeps the moisture Sweat-wicking fabric that removes moisture away from the body
Remains damp and heavy Remains dry and comfortable

Verdict: Dri-fit clothing should be your choice for optimum performance.


Shout out to the ladies!

Most activewear is the same for men and women except for sports bras.

Your girls need extra care. Sports bras are specially designed to provide comfort and control during the most demanding activities.

There are low, medium and high-level impact sports bras. Sports bras are typically made with performance fabrics like spandex, nylon, polyester, and poly blends.

Sports Bras, made of MESH, are lightweight and breathable. It does not chafe the skin and allows air flow to keep you cool and dry.

4. Aids in recovery.

Have you observed, many gym-goers wear skin-tight clothes? They are called compression clothing.

Get ready, time to get a little Sciency!

Compression clothing contracts your skin and muscles, hence the name. It stimulates blood circulation throughout your entire body. Therefore, preventing muscle cramps. Compression tights also regulate and maintain body temperature.

In short, compression clothing aids in recovery after exercise. Simple. And recovery is every bit important as the act of exercising.

Compression clothing contributes significantly to the whole process of recovery by reducing post-workout fatigue and muscle soreness.

5. Protection against injuries.

It is very common these days to see people at the gym working out in sneakers. There is a legitimate reason behind wearing sneakers when you’re lifting weights. Sneakers have a flat and rigid sole that remains steady, allowing you to plant your heels into the ground. When the overall position of your body is sturdy, your output will increase and minimize the risk of injuries.

Improper shoes pose the following risks: shin splints, knee injury (e.g., ACL tear), sprained ankle, blisters and cramps.

Incorrect workout gear is one of the major causes of gym-related injuries. Some injuries are not apparent. They show up over time. By the time you realize, the damage is done. Well, get ready for a long road to recovery!


Your gym attire does so much more than making you look like J.Lo or Dwayne Johnson!

Investment in quality and well-fitted gym attire will allow you to have a more holistic approach towards your workout, and gain the hidden benefits that good activewear possesses.

Suit up. Boost your performance and sweat in style!


There are lots of sports shops in Singapore you can visit.

FITTA activewear offers quality tight leggings, sports bras, and tops for your gym visits. They come in a variety of fancy designs and even have yoga equipment!

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