7 reasons why you need a personal fitness trainer

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7 reasons why you need a personal fitness trainer

“Do I need a personal trainer?  Will it be worth the money?

Do you ponder over these thoughts, as soon as you decide to take up your personal health seriously?

Well, it is a complex decision.  Would you instead spend on a membership without training guidance, or invest a little extra and get definite results?

Personal trainers are highly underrated in the fitness industry considering their value and impact.

We shed some light on this “controversial” topic and WHY you need a personal trainer!  

1. D.I.Y. or Not!

There is a sea of information available at the click of a button. Search for your fitness schedules and plans online for free.

Unfortunately, a myriad of factors needs to be taken into consideration.

For example, weight loss. A personal trainer, according to your requirement and body type, will create the most effective workout program.

Once you hit the gym, there is a possibility of sustaining injuries. A personal trainer is equipped with knowledge of treating sport-related injuries faster. A fitness expert will significantly reduce the risk and increase the effectiveness of your workout sessions.

2. Perfecting your form.

You may tirelessly workout according to what you believe will get you in the desired shape. Sadly, you are not working on the pain point. So it is really, quite pointless!


Without a doubt, establishing an excellent routine from the beginning is fundamental in setting the stage for the rest of your fitness journey.

2 main purposes for proper form:

1. An Effective Workout

A correct posture only adds to the functionality of your workout. A body that is in its right form will stress the appropriate muscles. Thus, you’ll be able to achieve better results, leading to a more contented and confident YOU.

2. Reduce Risk of Injuries

Unless you are an experienced exerciser, an improper form can have disastrous consequences in terms of injuries.

A personal trainer can help avoid injuries like:

  • Muscle strains
  • Shoulder & knee injuries
  • Shin splints
  • Tendinitis

3.  Set real-time goals.

How to choose the right gym in Singapore? A place that will confirm chop-chop give you maximum results. The fact that a personal trainer has the solution to most of your problems will only encourage you to take affirmative steps towards setting achievable goals.

Personal Trainers make realistic goals by creating personalized training plans taking into account your unique body characteristics.

4. Train for specific needs.

What is it you look to achieve? A toned and lean physique, strength or endurance training?

There are specific pain elimination workouts and therapies that help with chronic injuries like cardiovascular diseases or joint pains. 23.7% of Singaporeans aged 18-50 suffer from arthritis or chronic joint problems.  


If you are looking for exercises that help with pain elimination, ensure that your personal trainer is well informed. Also, consult a sports counselor or your doctor before proceeding with certain types of workouts.

At E’s, we firmly believe in a life without pain.  We specialize in pain elimination fitness that has yielded positive results for 100s of clients.

5. Challenge and Motivate yourself.

Monotonous and mundane workouts can discourage even the most dedicated gym-goers. If you recently enrolled in a gym, you may lose interest as quickly as your thumb scrolls on your handphone screen.

This is why personal trainers play a vital role. They steadily assure you are challenging yourself and create fitness routines. When challenged physically and mentally, your body is forced to give its best.

Think about 15 minutes of aimless exercising compared to hitting the workout area with a detailed plan and purpose!

6. Flexible Schedules.

Personal trainers are arguably one of the most versatile and adaptive professionals you can find.

They tailor appointments to suit your convenience. Dedicated trainers also cater home visits to train you in the comfort of your own home.

Seriously. What more do you need?

7. Accountability.

Planned to wake up early for a productive gym session, but ended up slamming the snooze button. Next thing you know, you’re late for work.

Sounds familiar?

You enroll in a gym. Perhaps, you are the lousy exerciser. You rather miss a gym session than a KFC bucket deal. You will definitely feel the pinch, in your pocket and your cholesterol-rich heart!

A personal trainer ensures that you commit and abide by your fitness goals.


In a nutshell, personal trainers are highly recommended. A life coach, nutrition expert, motivation source, and a great friend to talk to. All in one.

For ladies, if you are hesitant due to male trainers, having a Female Personal Trainer to guide is essential. Enquire for female trainers at various gyms. Don’t let anything stop you!

E’s FITNESS, lead by a female trainer, also has a group of professional personal trainers to help you out. Call now!


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