Best foods to consume before and after a workout

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Best foods to consume before and after a workout

Human beings are complex and diverse creatures. So much so that even our fingerprints don’t match with one another!

Each of us is unique in a lot of ways. Be it in the way we dress or the food we eat.

Exercise, discipline, and nutrition. These 3 aspects are signs of a genuinely successful fitness journey.

Unfortunately, while fitness enthusiasts focus a lot on exercise and rest, nutrition is underrated and often taken for granted.

Never underestimate the power of FOOD!

And as the saying goes, “We are what we eat!”.

Mistakes people make.

People often fall prey to eating mistakes when it comes to pre and post workout meals, which unintentionally holds them back from getting the most out of their workouts. Here are a couple of common errors people make:

  1. Not eating after workouts due to the fear of gaining back what you have burned
  2. Only eating protein for post workout meal
  3. Eating too little fat

People commit fallacies when it comes to pre and post workout meals. This unintentionally deprives them of achieving optimum workout results.

What if we told you about the kind of nutritional intake your meals should consist of?

Here are a few examples of meals for pre, post and during workouts, along with their nutritional facts and how much of it you should consume.

Pre Gym Workout

MealAmount / SizeNutritional Facts
Whole grain cereals with milk30 – 45 gramsFor 30g of whole grain cereal:
– 23g carbohydrates
– 0.5g fat
– 2g protein
– 100 calories

Peanut butter and jelly sandwich2 tbs of peanut butter
1 tbs of jelly
2 slices of bread

For 1 sandwich:
 – 46g carbohydrates
– 18g fat
– 13g protein
– 376 calories

Low fat / fat-free yogurt170 gramsAmount per serving:
– 13g carbohydrates
– 0.3g fat
– 9.7g protein
– 95 calories

Dry fruits1 package – 27 gramsFor 1 package:
– 22g carbohydrates
– 0.7g fat
– 0.3g protein
– 97 calories

During Workout (if workout lasts longer than 1 hour)

MealAmount / SizeNutritional Facts

Energy bars
1 bar – 68 gramsFor 1 bar:
– 45g carbohydrates
– 5g fat
– 9g protein
– 250 calories

1 bananaFor 1 banana:
– 30g carbohydrates
– naturally fat-free
– 1g protein
– 110 calories

Post Gym Workout

MealAmount / SizeNutritional Facts
Grilled chicken & roasted vegetables1 Serving Size of 0.5 package – 354 gramsFor 1 serving:
– 46g carbohydrates
– 9g fat
– 25g protein
– 370 calories
Egg omelette with avocado spread1 plate servingFor 1 serving:
– 16.5g carbohydrates
– 13.6g fat
– 24.6g protein
– 273.5 calories
Tuna & crackers1 kit servingFor 1 serving:
– 20g carbohydrates
– 9g fat
– 18g protein
– 230 calories

Carbohydrates provide energy. Hence, for pre and during workout meals/snacks, it is essential to focus on having a high carbohydrate before and during a workout so that you can give your all.

On the other hand, post workout meals should be protein-rich. Protein repairs the damage caused to muscle fibres during workouts and hence promotes muscle recovery.

These are simple examples of foods that you could incorporate into your fitness journey to make it more fruitful and enriching!

However, an experienced personal gym trainer is knowledgeable and can give you advice on nutrition. Depending on your body type and the workout that you do, a personal trainer would suggest the most effective foods for you.

Here at E’s, we have proficient and resourceful personal trainers. Weight training, HIIT, or sports nutrition. You name it, they know it!


The information provided above is subject to an individual’s personal intake. Consult your nutritionists or personal trainer before consuming these foods, especially if you have any nutrition deficiencies.


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