This is Moon Kua.

She is 44 years old and is trained to be a quantity surveyor.

During her younger days, Moon’s immune system was generally weak and she fell prey to the common cold and fever almost every week. She was taking panadol so frequently that it had unwantedly become a part of her lifestyle. This had brought about many limitations in her life as she was unable to do the things she loved actively.

Moon felt extremely frustrated with being sick all the time, and that is when she decided to start exercising with E’s FITNESS. Today, she has been Elinn’s client for 8 years and she truly attests to experiencing fewer fevers and preventing illness with exercise.

“Elinn is very knowledgeable and she customises training sessions according to our needs.”

Moon is E’s FITNESS’ model example of a study conducted in the United States. The study comprising 1,000 people showed that staying active nearly halved the odds of catching cold viruses and made infections less severe. Experts believe that this is due to the fact that helps bolster the immune system to fight off bugs.

Healthy volunteers of the study were tasked to keep a track of symptoms of any illness over a three-month period and the number of times they would exercise intensive enough to break a sweat, for at least 20 minutes, in any given week. They were also asked about their lifestyle, diet and recent stressful events, as these all affect the immune system.

The results showed that feeling fit and being active cut the risk of catching a cold by nearly 50%. Those who exercised 5 days a week or more caught a cold for about 5 times during the three-month period, while those physically less active fell ill 9 times.

Moon sorted out all her fever and cold issues with exercise and truly believes that a workout to prevent cold and flu can go a long way. As age catches up, she also experiences neck and back pain, which she curbs by performing body conditioning and strengthening exercises at E’s FITNESS. According to Moon, personal trainers like Elinn know what and where the problems are, how to condition to needs and understanding limitations.

“I feel very safe and assured training with Elinn!”