Meet Tanya.

She is the Senior Regional Compliance Manager at Capital Group.

Tanya had met with a road accident when she was 16 years old. The aftermath of that accident had left her fighting with chronic neck pain, which persisted for many years. She had resorted to chiropractors and physiotherapists, along with signing up for strength training in several gyms. However, the results were not very effective in the treatment of her chronic neck pain.

“I saw pain as a normal part of daily life. E’s FITNESS transformed that completely.”

Chronic pain (also known as persistent pain) persists beyond the expected healing time of a particular injury. Unlike acute pain which is caused by tissue damage, chronic pain is more about the sensitivity of the nervous system and ‘non-tissue related factors’.

In Tanya’s case, her chronic neck pain made it extremely difficult for her to complete basic daily activities without her experiencing excruciating pain. More often than not, chronic pain forces us to avoid activities that cause pain flare-ups, and that is what Tanya’s life had become. Tanya was in search of a neck training programme that included neck strengthening exercises, to ease her pain.

Tanya visited a few other gyms but settled down with E’s FITNESS due to their knowledge and expertise.

After consultation with Head Expert, Elinn, Tanya also found out that the same accident had left one of her leg muscles weaker than the other. Elinn set a specific neck pain workout with stiff neck exercises, as well as leg strengthening exercises to target the imbalance in strength.

Together, they embarked on the 3-Stage Program, starting with Stage 1, Train To Eliminate Pain. Tanya witnessed significant improvements and moved on to Stage 2, which included targeted exercises for her mobility and agility. With Stage 3, Tanya successfully eliminated her pain.

Tanya was pleasantly surprised that Elinn managed to get rid of her chronic neck pain after discovering it simply through thorough assessment. She recommends personal training to eliminate joint pain to all those who are experiencing chronic pain.

“With Elinn’s perceptivity and experience, I have zero pain in my neck. Pain which persisted for years, really.”