Meet Sally Wu.

She is a stay home mum who also does part-time marketing.

Being a mother of 3 children, Sally has had a lot of experience in coping with prenatal and postnatal pains. She visited various big brand gyms in the past and even signed up for their membership, but found the environment too isolating and intimidating. In the pursuit of looking for a postnatal fitness programme, she came across E’s FITNESS.

“Elinn has given her life not just to her gym, but to this industry!”

When she first met Elinn, she had been gaining weight after pregnancy instead of losing weight. She had gone for steroid injections in her back, however, she still suffered from severe back pain and back spasm. After just giving birth, she was also dealing with diastasis recti, which is the separation of core muscles.

Sally needed to eliminate her pregnancy pains so that she could take care of her children and carry out her daily activities with ease, both physically and psychologically.

With Elinn’s expertise and guidance, they came up with a proper postpartum exercise plan for Sally. Upon initial diagnosis, Elinn found out that Sally had a frozen shoulder which she was completely unaware of. Additionally, she had adopted a terrible posture from carrying her 3 children around.

After 2 years of training at E’s FITNESS, Sally is extremely satisfied. She feels so much stronger and doesn’t experience the same pain that she experienced when she carried her children around!

While exercise during pregnancy or after that can seem very daunting, the impact it can have in your daily life as well as in the upbringing of your children is amazing.

For Sally, it was important that she worked with some who upheld strong values. In Elinn, she found a very qualified and professional trainer that gave her invaluable guidance and support during her postnatal fitness journey. She believes Elinn truly wants the well being of her clients and get back to their optimal condition in a holistic way.

“I recommend it to every woman out there looking for your pre and post-natal health as well as fitness.”