This is Lana Pujara.

Lana had suffered from a slipped disc some time back and was fighting severe pain and discomfort in her lower back (sciatica). She consulted several physiotherapists and acupuncture specialists for sciatica treatment, but it did not work.

Through her own research, Lana believed that personal training is highly essential as a professional trainer properly guides through the movements, and corrects your posture and technique. This is extremely crucial as it significantly reduces any risk of injury and increases the movement’s efficacy.

In addition to that, Lana considers personal training to be more effective as compared to working out in a commercial gym. It is a widely known fact that personal training is key in adopting and staying true to a new fitness routine if one lacks the commitment and motivation to train on his or her own.

In the pursuit of personal training and a proper fitness for lower back, Lana found E’s FITNESS.

A series of lower back pain exercises was constructed for Lana, which she performed dutifully under the strict guidance of Elinn. Through the fitness programme and Elinn’s continuous support, Lana significantly improved her lower back pain and was successfully able to achieve a much stronger body.

“If you’re looking for someone to help and strengthen your body, for sure I’d recommend a personal trainer like E.”