Regular exercise has numerous health benefits, all of which apply to a pre and postnatal woman as at any other stage of life. A healthy, strong body and positive attitude will allow you cope with the physical and psychological challenges that may arise during your journey as a mother.
In the case of satisfied client Sally, E’s has helped her through her journey of 3 children.
After having a baby, many women strive to lose the weight gained through pregnancy and get their tummy back quickly. Incorrect exercises and poor technique can cause many problems. Therefore, it is imperative one exercises safely and gradually with the right supervision and guidance.

There are many benefits of regular exercise throughout pregnancy:
– Reduced weight gain
– Deposition and retention of less body fat
– Lower incidents of obstetrical concern before labour
– Remain within normal weight range
– Lower incidents of discomforts and injuries during pregnancy
– More rapid physical and emotional recovery post-birth
– Shorter and less complicated labour
– Increased breathing efficiency
– Higher energy levels
– Decrease the risk of developing gestational diabetes
– Increase muscle strength & improves posture
– Circulation benefits with improved digestion