Meet Sharon Yeoh.

She is the Director, Head of Corporate Secretarial at TMF Singapore.

Given her stressful and hectic work schedule as a Director who works 9 to 5 and beyond, Sharon was struggling with muscle loss and lack of agility. The fact that she was ageing didn’t help, as she felt physically weaker and less confident about herself. She did lots of running to stay fit and healthy, however, that only increased her muscle loss and made her look smaller.

Women are at several disadvantages when it comes to optimal muscle health. With age, our muscles deteri­orate at a faster rate than men’s, explains Michael Bemben, an exercise physiologist, and professor in the department of health and exercise science at the University of Oklahoma. It is also more difficult for older women to increase their muscle power, and prevent falls and injuries, after reaching a certain age.

However, with the right workout plan for females, older women can build up muscle strength and lead a stronger and healthier life.

“I feel younger and stronger with the help of E’s 3-Stage Training program”

Together with Personal Trainer, Elinn, Sharon embarked on E’s 3-Stage Training Programme focusing on strength conditioning. This involved a specific weight training for over 50 years old females, which Sharon executed under the guidance of Elinn.

Today, being a great believer, Sharon has been with Elinn for 8 years, and has reaped substantial benefits throughout her journey. She managed to strengthen her back and experienced a surge in her energy levels. There was a real feel-good factor in the training that kept her going and increased her confidence.

Sharon is proud of being able to do pull-ups, and a proper push-up more than 30 times in a row, despite being above 60 years of age. Elinn takes proper measures of strengthening her muscles and maintaining bone density, ensuring that she never sustains any form of injury. Sharon looks different and feels like a teenager again, highlighting that she doesn’t experience any physical issues that people of her age usually do.

Sharon believes that because Elinn is a professional female personal trainer, she knows and understands our bodies and what is required to improve them.

“I recommend E’s FITNESS to everyone who wants to look good and be strong.”