Improve your workout performance with the right hydration drink.

hydration drinks

Improve your workout performance with the right hydration drink.

Singapore. A city, well known for its clean and green landscape, but also infamous for its hot and humid environment.

And global warming isn’t being kind to us as well!

As the emphasis on living a healthy lifestyle rises, the need to stay adequately hydrated increases along with it.

As we indulge in fitness, we need to understand how our body works. How to replenish lost fluid that make-up for 60% of our body.

Why the need to be sufficiently hydrated?

When we exercise, we sweat. That is all well and good. However, the loss of body fluid has to be recovered. Otherwise, dehydration is imminent and can lead to:

  1. Accelerated heart rate
  2. Increased fatigue
  3. Impaired cognitive performance
  4. Greater risk of heat injuries

What you should know.

With a myriad of hydration drinks in the market, choosing one can be tricky. In order to get the right drink for you, you should consider:

  1. Duration and intensity of your workout
  2. Need to replace carbohydrates and electrolytes (salt)
  3. Individual preference (flavour)

Let’s take a look at the classification of hydration drinks that have the potential to boost your physical output.

Pre Gym Workout

Hydration drink:Contains:Benefits:
Chocolate Milk– High water content
– Essential electrolytes (potassium, calcium, magnesium)
– Carbohydrates
The high water content replenishes electrolytes. Carbohydrates provide energy.

During Workout

Hydration drink:Contains:Benefits:
Lemon water– Nutrients (Vitamin C)
– Natural Sugars
– Carbohydrates
Vitamin C aids in the repair and maintenance of bones. Prevents common cold.

Natural sugars and carbohydrates help fuel your muscles with energy during a workout.
Gatorade– Essential electrolytes (sodium, potassium, etc.)
– Sugars
This sports drink helps athletes refuel and hydrate by regulating the body’s fluid balance.

Post Gym Workout

Hydration drink:Contains:Benefits:
Coconut water– High levels of potassium and magnesium
– Antioxidants and nutrients
With essential electrolytes, coconut water replenishes your body better than water and provides energy.
Watermelon juice– Amino acids (L-citrulline)
– High fluid content
– Natural Sugars
The high fluid content makes watermelon juice a natural thirst quencher.

The amino acids aid in swift muscle recovery and reduce muscle fatigue.
Black & Green Tea– Rich in antioxidants (catechins, L-theanine)
– Contains caffeine
These antioxidants promote fat oxidation (burns body fat instead of stored glucose for energy) and improve focus and concentration.

They also recover muscle strength.  
Caffeine helps to boost energy levels.

While isotonic drinks are commonly used for workouts, a lot of them contain high levels of sugar. Furthermore, although they are useful in getting carbohydrates quickly into your body after a short and intense exercise, they might cause gastrointestinal upset (eg. bloated stomach) when consumed in large quantities.

These are alternatives to isotonic sports drinks that also rehydrate your body. Plus, they are delicious!

It is also important to note that your hydration needs may be different from others. Your body loses water in the form of sweat and sweat rates are commonly determined by:

  1. Body size
  2. Genetics
  3. Environment temperature
  4. Workout intensity
  5. Personal Fitness level

There is no “one drink for all”. Know your body. Understand your requirements.

Once again, a professional personal trainer can guide you. Looking at your body’s sweat rate and the type of workout done, they would be able to advise you on the best hydration drink for you!

At E’s, our personal trainers are experts at guiding you with hydration needs. Pushing you towards more effective and efficient fitness goals.

What are you waiting for? Stay hydrated! It is the fuel for your fiery fitness goals!


The information provided above is subject to an individual’s intake. Consult your nutritionists or personal trainers before consuming sports drinks, especially if you have any nutrition deficiencies.


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